Medthics is back!

By Harmon Fong, Dec 4, 2015

Welcome back to Medthics! We have relaunched the website completely - so please mind the saw dust as it clears. Apologies for the lack of maintenance and general up keep. Work, life, and all that good stuff in between has taken a hold for a couple of years. Now as everything settles into place, we are well overdue for some reflection on all that has led to the present. Hopefully, the years spent away from the graphic medium and in the clinical world has inspired some interesting new tales.

2016 is a big year as this will be Medthics' tenth anniversary since its first issue was published online. In gearing up for the decade old birthday, we'll take a moment and recap on Medthics' history.

From 2006-2009, a total of six issues were produced with the original cast who were all in medical school at the time. Prior to the popularity of social media, it had always been the intention to make Medthics more of an open dialogue. At the time, Blogger was the appropriate forum.

Our first attempt at promoting Medthics publically was in 2007, where a panel discussion was held at the University of Western Ontario medical school and can still be found on YouTube.

In 2009, the original cast disbanded for residency. The hectic life of a resident made progression of Medthics limited. Despite this, Medthics #7 was produced for The Canadian Library of Family Medicine. In 2012, Medthics made a larger public display at the Comics and Medicine 3rd International Conference in Toronto

Later that year, Medthics had a venture into academia in the December 2012 edition of the Journal of Medical Humanities.

The last entry of Medthics in its previous iteration was in August 2013, where Medthics #7 was the featured Story of the Month with the Canadian Stories in Family Medicine.

We have come a long way from the first issue that had an ambitious premise, but lacked the foundation to draw upon. Medthics definitely has a well defined voice now and it is an exciting time to take it into its next iteration. Stay tuned!